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Health Care Community Menus

Health Care Community Menus

health care community menu

Menu Services

Exceeding your clients' dining expectations!

We provide communities with complete menu solutions to include:

  • Menu Systems:
    • Cycles:
      • Seasonal
      • Holiday
      • Emergency (dry & canned OR dehydrated)
    • Base menu set options:
      • Scratch cooking
      • Current menu trends
      • Easy
      • Regional
    • Cost management:
      • Estimated menu cost by recipe, meal, day, week
      • Our Fortified Diet provides a cost-effective food-based weight solution to minimize expense on supplements
      • Collaboration with food vendors to coordinate menus to create cost effective and efficient order guides
      • Alliance with Group Purchasing Organizations to lower food cost
      • Affordable tray card system
    • Alternate menu options:
      • Simple, Always Available or Anytime Menu
      • Extensive, secondary options with entrée, vegetable, starch
    • Staff training to support implementation and compliance
  • Resident management system:
    • Cloud-based
    • HIPAA compliant
    • Interfaces with many electronic medical records to minimize duplicate data entry
    • Snack and supplement management for dietary and/or nursing
    • Extensive report options
  • Tray card system:
    • Schedule seasonal, holiday and emergency menu sets created for your facility
    • Ability to obtain select menu choices via a tablet at table or bedside
    • Adaptive equipment notations
    • Customize and apply portion-size multipliers to residents to support intake, wound healing, weight control and more
    • Personalize resident default menu
    • Record of likes/dislikes/preferences/allergies

Menu Sets can be customized but often include:

  • Week-at-a-Glance or Posting Menus
  • Diet Spreadsheets for up to 15 different therapeutic and texture modified diets
  • Nutritional Analysis – weekly or daily, serve as a great resource for Registered Dietitians and Certified Dietary Managers when managing resident care
  • Recipe manuals complete with HACCP and texture modified diet guidelines
  • Special recipe manuals for puree, vegetarian and gluten-controlled diets to accommodate smaller production and yields
  • Menu sets signed by a Registered Dietitian licensed in the state of use

We believe that every menu choice should be customer-driven; we empower the client to make custom decisions to meet their community’s menu needs:

  • Base menu
  • Alternate menu
  • Diets served
  • Yields for recipe manual
  • Any menu can be changed to reflect the personality and preferences of your community
  • Customization can occur at any level of your organization from corporate to community to help define your food culture while maintaining compliance and controlling cost